Our Programs

Touring Troupe

The Freetown Village Touring Troupe produces a play each year, which is presented at schools, churches, civic functions, festivals and black history celebrations, etc. The play features characters from Freetown Village such as Isaiah Cuffee and his wife, Sarah Elizabeth, who interact with the audience as they discuss the events of the day. Parallels between past and present events are evident as the characters talk about work, family, women's rights, education and other concerns in their lives.  The current touring production is entitled Mixed Medicine and takes a contemporary and historical look into issues related to health and healthcare. Bookings are accepted throughout the year. 

Audience:             4th grade and up

Audience Size:      Up to 300

Program Length:  45-60 minutes   Fee: $400.00 ($350.00 for schools)

Availability:          January through June

Freetown Village Singers

Experience the joy and dynamic power of the music! Spirituals uplift in times of crisis, heal, comfort, inspire and instill hopes and dreams. Listen and be moved by the Freetown Village Singers as they share this American traditional music and learn the often hidden meanings tucked into the words of the songs. The Freetown Village singers are great for festivals and cultural celebrations.

Audience:             General

Audience Size:      Open     Fee: $500.00 in town

Program Length:  30-60 minutes  (can vary)

Availability:           Year round 

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Craft Workshops

Learn about the daily life of children and adults during the 19th century as you participate and make a candle, churn butter, quilt, or make a braided rug.  You can enjoy some old-fashioned ice cream, but first you will have to take your turn at the churn. All of the workshops are hands-on and age-appropriate.

Audience:              2nd grade and up

Audience Size:      Up to 30  Fee: $185.00 ($165.00 for K-12 schools)

Program Length:  45-60 minutes  (may vary depending on the workshop)

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Freetown Village Summer Camp


Children who participate will benefit by developing self-esteem, a strong sense of community, and an appreciation of history and culture.  Freetown Village Summer Day Camp incorporates African American history and culture into a seven-week interactive and immersive camp experience.  Each day is divided into small and large group activities.  Each week includes a cultural field trip, old-fashioned games, team building activities, storytelling, manners, drama, history and culture projects, crafts, and hands-on projects and activities. 

Audience:              Children ages 5-14 years old (K-8th grades, Fall 2016)

Audience Size:      60 maximum per week

Program Length:   Seven weeks (flexible enrollment)