Programs for Students

Our programs for children and students inform and inspire

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Freetown Village Summer Camp

Children who participate will benefit by developing self-esteem, a strong sense of community, an appreciation of history and culture.  Freetown Village Summer Day Camp incorporates African American history and culture into a six-week interactive and immersive camp experience.  Each day is divided into small and large group activities.  Each week includes a cultural field trip, old-fashioned games, team building activities, storytelling, manners, drama, history and culture projects, crafts, and hands-on projects and activities. 

Audience: Children ages 5-14 years old (K-8th grades, Fall 2017)

Audience Size: 60 maximum per week

Program Length: Six weeks (flexible enrollment) 


Craft Workshops

Learn about the daily life of children and adults during the 19th century as you participate and make a candle, churn butter, quilt, or make a braided rug.  You can enjoy some old-fashioned ice cream, but first you will have to take your turn at the churn. All of the workshops are hands-on and age-appropriate.

Audience: 2nd grade and up

Audience Size: Up to 30   Fee: $185.00 ($165.00 for K-12 schools)

Program Length: 45-60 minutes(may vary depending on the workshop)